What do we offer

Jonk Models & Publicity specializes in 3 dimensional communication. If a picture tells you more than thousand words what communicates a 3D object to us. Well manufactured this leaves us little to imagine.
We can help you to reach the right 3D object; whether it concerns props for a TV commercial or for photography or for trade objects or other promotional activities we can offer you our expertise.

Idea development/concept development

For example you need something for an introduction or event and you have not yet a clear picture what it should become; call us and together we will reach a catching concept. You can also consult us for participation in or control over a brainstorm session to develop new ideas.

Technical Art-direction, recommendation and accompaniment

You have an idea and it is not yet clear. We can accompany the process to development and in this together we can reach a complete story.


You know what you want to realize and we ensure the development. Both internally and externally we manage a large scope of projects. Jonk Models & Publicity can be consulted in all these areas or in seperate areas. This operate on the principle: Open and honest cooperation, leads to mutual growth.