Directly from your CAD files we can print 3D models for a favorable price and very fast. The models have been given full details and have been printed in color. Therefore it is also possible to print a serial of identical objects for landscape models.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping in full color is now also an option. We can convert your 3D file into a printable model. And we can also start with your 2D sketch, which we develop into a printable file. So we can support you at the design stage. By examining a tangible product and the ability to hold it into your hands, you can assess your designs on functionality and design. A money-saving option.


With the 3D color printer we offer the possibility of visualizing your ideas in a simple manner. Your art objects become alive using our 3D-printing service


Using our 3D printing technique we are able to print a model or a small number of models as awards. This way tailor made design is produced rapidly and against a favorable price.